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Invictus Combat Systems’ Kidz Masters Self Defense Module is designed specifically for a younger audience, keeping in mind their threat perceptions, body type, and life style. Kids face a variety of threats like kidnapping to bullying and ragging. The module provides the kids with the knowledge and skills to defend themselves when there is no one else around to help them.

The program has proved to be beneficial at multiple levels. The practitioners not only become fitter, safer, patient and focused in their day to day life, it has been observed that practitioners start performing better academically too.

The module assists in a holistic and overall growth of the kid. This is achieved by the inculcation of various important life values in the training routine. The kids not only learn how to perform efficiently and optimally under pressure, they also learn the importance of respect for themselves and others, sportsmanship, patience, perseverance, and behaving responsibly.

Invictus training is the best thing that has happened to me this year

Sandeep Saxena

My fitness and confidence has gone up many…..
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