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Invictus Combat System (ICS) offers highly specialized trainings for law enforcement, military and special units. The trainings are designed keeping in mind the specific requirements of each unit.

Training focus is to provide holistic and pragmatic skills to the operators / units enabling them to provide an appropriate response to the urban combat / hostile scenarios faced by these units.

Training is imparted in the field of Hand-to-Hand Combat, Armed Combat, Close Quarter Battle (CQB), Room Clearance, Hostage Survival & Evacuation, Anti-Hijacking / Air Marshal Training, VIP Protection, Tactical Driving, Shooting Under Stress, Night / Low Visibility Operations, Parkour for Combat and much more.

The trainings are continuously evolved to keep the law enforcement and military units a step ahead of their adversaries.

Invictus training is the best thing that has happened to me this year

Sandeep Saxena

My fitness and confidence has gone up many…..
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