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Invictus Combat Systems’ Civilian Self Defense Module is designed to equip you with techniques that are easy to learn and apply. The system having its roots in science and experience is the most advanced and comprehensive offering in the field of civilian combat.

We focus on developing and teaching techniques that are based on human body’s natural reactions, this enables the practitioner to effectively defend himself/herself in any situation. ICS stresses on both - physical skill and mental conditioning of the practitioner, to ensure that no challenge is too big.

We discourage ‘zombie’ practice sessions and encourage practitioners to ask questions and challenge techniques. We aim to teach the practitioner what will work for him – his body type, age and life style; we understand one size does not fit all. For anyone who wants to learn real self defense and combat – this is what you should know….

Invictus training is the best thing that has happened to me this year

Sandeep Saxena

My fitness and confidence has gone up many…..
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