Invictus Combat Systems provides training for Anti Rape Anti Abduction Anti MolestationDefence against acid attacks Defense against knife attacksMixed Martial Art Combat MMA for women

lnvictus Combat Systems' Women Self Defense training is what every female needs irrespective of her age, profession and lifestyle. The techniques have been developed keeping in mind the threat perception, body types and different age groups. Focus has been to ensure that the techniques work against a bigger, stronger, more aggressive and even armed attacker(s).

Once you train to defend yourself, you no longer have to be completely dependent, for your safety, on others like - police, family, friends etc. One must realize that women have been attacked and victimized by every section of the society; its time they stand up for themselves and REFUSE TO BE PREY'

Some of the key features of ICS-WSD training are:

Invictus training is the best thing that has happened to me this year

Sandeep Saxena

My fitness and confidence has gone up many…..
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